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                                                          Czech Games Edition Previews at Gen Con 2017

                                                          Posted on 10 Aug 2017

                                                          If you’re heading to Gen Con this year, you’ll find Czech Games Edition in Room 232, 2nd Floor, where they’ll be showing off some of their new titles!

                                                          The CGE demo team will be joined by Vlaada Chvátil and Scot Eaton, the designers of Codenames: Duet, which will be available for purchase at the show. They are also releasing their brand new party game – That’s a Question! – as well as showing off upcoming titles such as: Pulsar 2849 and the Adrenaline and Tash-Kalar expansions. Older favourites, digital versions, and their brand new novel, Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road!

                                                          Codenames Duet


                                                          Players: 2 or more / Time: 30 min / Age: 11+

                                                          You and your partner are sent on a secret mission to a crowded city. Your objective: to contact 15 agents while avoiding a band of enemy assassins.

                                                          You know the agents that your partner can contact safely. Your partner knows the agents you can contact safely. By giving each other one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the board, you must try to find all the agents before your turns run out.

                                                          Codenames: Duet is a cooperative game for two or more players. You do not need any other Codenames game to play. However, if you own the original Codenames, you can use the word cards from the two games interchangeably.

                                                          That’s A Question!


                                                          Players: 3 – 6 / Time: 30 min / Age: 15

                                                          Which would you miss more if it ceased to exist:

                                                          Mountains or Pizza?

                                                          That’s a question! And it’s also the sort of question you’ll need to answer when you play this game.

                                                          Players take turns creating questions. On your turn, you ask your question and pick one player to answer. Everyone else tries to guess what their answer will be. They get points for guessing right, and you get points when everyone else guesses wrong. So you want to make a question that is difficult to answer.

                                                          The answers can be surprising. You’ll learn new things about your friends – deep, important things like whether they would rather be a world-famous singer or the captain of a space ship. And you get to keep score by moving a squirrel up a mountain. Why a squirrel? That’s a Question!

                                                          Pulsar 2849

                                                          It is year 2849 and humankind has successfully tested the first Stellar Mirror and harnessed enough power from a Pulsar to open the first space gate.

                                                          A New Era has just begun…

                                                          A new euro style game from Vladimír Suchý, author of Prodigals Club, Last Will, and Shipyard. Far, far away in a galaxy, players are exploring space, building megastructures, and discovering technologies. This game uses dice in a very unique way and has many routes to victory.

                                                          Adrenaline Team Expansion

                                                          The expansion to the 2016 hit game adds a 6th player and introduces a new team mode with simultaneous play and character-specific weapons. See how Banshee mind controls her enemies or Dozer uses his grappling hook

                                                          The expansion also introduces Fatigue, allowing players to cause damage to themselves in order to use the effects of some new weapons.

                                                          Tash-Kalar expansion deck

                                                          This 3rd expansion to Vlaada’s tactical combat game brings a new faction to the arena of Tash-Kalar. The new mechanic (Warp Effect) allows you to use the effect of a being, that will be summoned in future, right now.

                                                          Through the Ages digital app

                                                          The strategy classic enters the digital age. Build a mighty civilization, from the Age of Antiquity right through to the Modern era, all on your mobile device later this year…

                                                          If you want to stop by the CGE stand at Gen Con this year, you’ll find them at Room 232 on the 2nd floor: